You are invited to participate when 
  • you are a woman with a background in any of the STEM* fields (min. Master's degree)
  • you are working as a scientist (mainly Postdoc - if seats are available it might be open to PhD as well) with one of the participating research institutions 
  • you are interested in learning about career opportunities and in planning your next career steps
  • you are eager to meet with role models (male and female)working outside academia  

*STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics 

General Details
  • The program is competitive as the number of seats is limited to 5 per participating institution. 
  • The selection of the participants is up to each institution and lies in the hands of an independent selection committee. 
  • Program language will be English
  • Participants are asked to attend each and every workshop except for the day at DETEC, which is an add-on for a selection of the participants. For the exact dates of the workshops, see "Agenda" further down. 
  • Costs: The program is free of charge* as it is exclusively for selected participants of the project partners from academia (ETH, EPFL, EMPA, EAWAG, WSL, PSI and UZH) . The program is financially supported by Swissuniversities
  • For application, see  Application.

*Travel costs are covered by the participants. 

The program is NOT aimed at
  • Recruiting on the spot. 
  • Interview  Training 
  • Telling you what to do next in your career 


No details available at the moment. 


Application is closed. 

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