unique opportunity for young women scientists and companies


Connecting Women's Careers in Academia and Industry

CONNECT encourages women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to plan and develop their career, and allows companies to interact with highly qualified women. It aims to inspire all involved people to bridge the gap between academia, industry and public sector.

So far, CONNECT has brought together more than 100 PhD and Postdoc candidates with role models, HR representatives and inspiring speakers from industry and public sector. 
Career planning, networking, knowhow transfer

Strong project partners from academia, industry and public sector

Sixth edition of a challenging program

In 2018 seven academic institutions from ETH domain (ETHZ, EPFL, Eawag, Empa, PSI, WSL) and University of Zurich (UZH) decided to offer an interactive program to young women scientists to provide real insights into career opportunities outside academia. At the same time, companies benefit from CONNECT by receiving the opportunity to interact with motivated and highly qualified women wanting to continue their career in industry or the public sector.

While partners for Round 6 (Sept 2024 - Mar 2025) are set, companies can apply to be sponsors, or already get in touch to discuss partnerships and sponsoring in Round 7. The application window for participants is open until June 14th, 2024.

CONNECT participant (anonymous)
“It provides a space to contemplate other options outside of academia in a non-judgmental environment.”
insights into career life in industry

Meet Role Models

Watch video interviews with role models from industry.
7 - 8 intense 1-day workshops


This program offers its participants a lot. It also asks for something: energy and openness to a broad variety of career opportunities. By analyzing her own situation first and then talking to role models in different positions but all with a background in academia, each participant can define her next career steps and areas for development.

Analyse and plan your career

Where are you today?

Analyze your personal career situation, define your goals and expectations, and increase awareness of potential challenges. Get to know and discuss with your peers, get insight into the recruiting process, work on your CV and interview preparation, and receive input from a professional coach to get ready for taking the next step in your career.

Meet role models

Industry and government

As CONNECT participant, you get the unique opportunity to interact with  our partners' role models, talk about career prospects, personal decisions and challenges, differences between academia, industry and public sector, and how they use their science skills in their current position. In addition, HR may provide insights in recruiting processes.

Other career options

UAS and startups

Are you thinking about continuing your career at the interface between academia and industry? Get interesting insights into working at Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) or for startups by talking to role models in such positions. Even if you are not interested in this career path (yet), you will get insights that help define what to look for.

Take-away and next steps


On the final day, you will reflect on your learnings and take-aways from the program, exchange again with your peers, and discuss your next career steps. You will also present some success stories to the participating institutions and companies. There will be additional talks to keep up the positive energy, and you may decide to stay connected as a group.

CONNECT was supported by swissuniversities from 2018-2020 and the Federal Office for Gender Equality (FOGE) from 2021-2023.